Published On: Wed, Oct 26th, 2016

170 Years Required To Zero Gaps Between Men, Women: World Economic Forum

In past year the efforts to reduce gaps between men and women in terms of pay and work force participation slowed down dramatically and now it is revealed by World Economic Forum it would not be possible to reach economic equality for another 170 years.

A year ago WEF predicted the gap could close in 118 years.


The Swiss non-profit now argues the progress has decelerated, stalled or reversed in nations around the world.

A member of the WEF executive committee, Saadia Zahidi, said the forecasts are not foregone conclusions, but only reflects present state of progress and serves as a calll to action.

The countries which have ranked highest in the list include Ireland and Finland based on the measurement on progress in equality in health, survival and education.

A total of 144 countries have been studied and the last few include Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Meanwhile, it is learned the United States stand in the 73rd rank

The survey found the gender gap is slowly and steadily improving.

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