Published On: Wed, Feb 28th, 2018

2018 Interior Decorating Trends

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Home interiors have been pretty stagnant for the last decade or so as people looked to accumulate more, bigger and more expensive trends. The easiest way to keep track of the home interior trends in the past was to look for the next most expensive and biggest thing.

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Today there is a dramatic shift coming down the line in response to the economy and environmental awareness. Today’s home interiors and the interior decorating trends of the future are more interesting than they’ve been in the past as they attempt to be more environmentally friendly, fit in a smaller footprint, and tend to have a more minimalist approach with great attention to detail.

Interior Decorating Color Trends

Interior decorating color trends for 2010 are bold and exciting. The focus is on saturated and unexpected colors thoughtfully balanced with warm neutrals. This creates a visual excitement which bounced the eyes off of the neutrals and focuses on the accent colors. A well done color scheme will make a small interior feel alive with movement and depth.

Interior Decorating Accessory Trends

The trends in interior decorating accessories are more thoughtful than in the past. Accessories are now very carefully and well selected to have meaning and interest. Clutter is gone replaces by a few dramatic pieces or accessories.

For those people choosing to downsize and reduce their footprint this is a very pleasant trend as it gives their space more room to breathe and creates openness. Too many accessories and too much clutter are confining so reducing to a couple key pieces is a wonderful change. If it’s hard to part with some accessories, try rotating them seasonally.

For those who are still living in gigantic homes this trend is a little more difficult as the home can seem too empty and cold without a lot of filler. In this situation opt for big, bold statement pieces. Keep the little knickknacks to a minimum as they will appear too small for the big space and actually emphasize the oversized room even more.

Interior Decorating Furniture Trends

Interior decorating furniture trends for 2010 keep with the less is more to a degree but the emphasis is on quality so spending more money on a single piece is also a factor. Whether the decorating theme is antique or ultra modern, look for furniture pieces that make a big statement, are luxurious and quality pieces, and feature exquisite attention to detail.

As with everything in 2018, an attention is placed on an eco-friendly approach. Furniture that incorporates elements of nature are greatly sought after for their obvious nod to Mother Nature but other furniture pieces made from recycled materials or in an eco-conscious manner are also very desirable.

The overwhelming theme for 2010 interior decorating trends features an environmental motif in some way shape or form, whether it’s a literal one, represented in the materials selected, or in the smaller overall footprint of the home. The more this time around is not represented by quantity but by quality and thoughtfulness.

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