Published On: Wed, Dec 26th, 2018

2019 elections featuring dictative nature with phrase “fir ek bar, Modi Sarkar”

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Are the 2019 Lok Sabha and six Assembly elections having dictative feature? The 2014 polls witnessed worst ever performance of Congress followed by BJPs subsequent wins in Assembly elections. The mandate was decisive and in favor of Narendra Modi.

fir ek bar, Modi Sarkar

However, it is to understand the 2014 was a see-saw between hope and despair in Opposition and 2019 will be served with challenges for BJP differently.

In 2014 BJP rode anti-incumbency against the UPA government and galvanized support promising achche din to fix everything that was broken in India.

Unlike last general elections the BJP this time will be without the novelty factor around Modi and the first objective should be to control narrative. The party should claim what has been achieved in past five years of Modi-government. Few to mention here are LPG cylinders, bank accounts, modest houses, toilets and insurance-based social security. These should define achche din.

BJP knows the phrase “abki bar, Modi sarkar” worked in 2014 and so the appeal this time is to sound like “fir ek bar, Modi sarkar.”

Meanwhile, the Opposition is having more hope this time than what it had in last elections. Some momentum has been achieved by Congress following favorable results in recent three Assembly elections that has revived the Rahul Gandhi-led party.

Before you which way the chessboard will move below are the BJP seat gains in states since 2014:

Uttar Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh

Below are the major seat losses of BJP after 2014:

Madhya Pradesh

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