Published On: Mon, Dec 11th, 2017

3 Construction Safety Technologies That Are Making The Jobsite Safer

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Although safety should always be the main priority, project managers don’t pay a lot of attention to it. It’s not frequently discussed despite the fact that they know how important it is. One of the most dangerous industries in the construction industry, and thousands of people get injured every year.

Fortunately, this can be prevented with the help of safety technology. These make the job site safer and less accident-prone.

3 Construction Safety Technologies That Are Making The Jobsite Safer

Here are the top 4 construction technologies that have improved job site safety:

Smart Apps and Software

Thanks to IoT technology, modeling software can now be designed in a way where it’s capable of creating highly detailed images, usually 3D maps and plans of a site before the start of a construction project. This modeling technology relies on advanced sensors placed throughout a job site, and many of these sensors will come attached to modern equipment like traffic safety cones.

This allows the construction team to pinpoint and mitigate the potential safety risks before it even starts to happen. There are new constriction apps that will enable real-time collection and analysis of data needed for job site safety and to ensure quality. Likewise, there are also software firms creating anti-collision software that’s capable of monitoring the movement, position, weight, criteria, wind speed, and the direction of the construction site equipment, like the tower cranes.

These data points could be accessed using mobile devices, while the sensors can be attached to on-site workers to generate greater insights.

Smart Equipment and Devices

There are some ways on how smart devices and equipment could improve contractor safety on the job while connecting the field and office for real-time decision-making as well. Just recently, Google released Project Tango, which is a mobile device that uses image processing, computer vision, and sensors to come up with 3D models.

These advanced models provide valuable insight for all leaders of a construction site that can be shared with the project managers and construction crews. With the use of this device, lesser time would be spent in taking measurements and navigating potentially hazardous job sites.

This also means that it would be easier to alert the workers in the construction site regarding the potential danger as there is safety equipment that also functions as safety signs with built-in sensors.

Construction Drones and Indoor Tracking

As we talk about safety on a construction site, drones can be quite useful for that purpose. One of its remarkable benefits is that it’s capable of monitoring the activities happening on the site in real time.

For example, it could locate the unstable pillar or the brace on scaffolding. With the use of drones, project managers would be able to keep track of the workers and ensure that they stick to the safety norms. That means you don’t have to send in someone to check the workers for you manually.

Additionally, on construction sites, accidents, such as emission of dangerous substances and fire can be quite common. This happens when several people are working at the same place all at once.

In such cases, it’s essential to be able to evacuate the employee’s right away to ensure their safety. With IoT technology, you’ll be able to keep track of where the workers are located, and this would allow you to guide them out of the building quickly. For you to monitor these employees, all you have to do is equip the wearables with a small Bluetooth beacon that would be able to transmit signals to the primary server.

Through this, you’ll have the assurance that everybody stays safe during the evacuation process. You can also consider using a specific application that would guide the employees safely to the nearest exit that’s away from the emergency situation. Safety on construction can also be improved through the utilization of safety zone alerts.

Technology Making Construction Sites Safer

It’s essential that construction workers would consider utilizing these technological advances for their benefit. However, they shouldn’t solely rely on it either. With the help of IoT technology, barriers to communication and planning would be a thing of the past. Project managers would be able to share information among their workforce efficiently and be able to interact in real-time.

Likewise, apps and devices that are depended on Internet connections and network would be able to produce accurate results every time. This would lead to overall efficiency in the construction industry.

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