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6 Celebrities Who Have Betting Addiction

The lifestyle and higher income of celebrities always link them to earn more from gambling. The gambling world always impresses to win big, and the celebrities put more of their earnings in it. But a coin has two sides. Where there are pros, there are always concerns also. Some celebs might have success stories, while others are sinking in it. Addictions always make you fall. Let us take a look at the ex-celebrities who have addiction to betting.

Allen Iverson

Many sports fans may know about Allen Iverson’s addiction to betting. The successful player of basketball is too addicted to gambling that he has lost most of his earnings around $200 million in it and some in drinking addiction. Despite this huge loss, still he is keeping his gambling habit on heights. The betting addiction pushed to break his sponsorship deals like- he lost his Rebook collaboration deal of worth $50 million. Allen has also got banned by many casinos because of his reckless behaviour after losing a bet in Detroit and Atlantic City.

Allen Iverson

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is another name in the gambling addiction celebrities list. In 2014, in the news, he revealed his passion for playing blackjacks or poker. He is even spending lots of hours in casinos for playing cards. His constant winnings made him addicted to bidding more and more. Unfortunately, the winning cycle recently turned into his loss. He lost around $400,000 in a poker hand. The TMZ report also showed how gambling affected his personal life also. Gambling and alcoholism have brought down his money. This addiction became the reason for separation from his wife in 2015.

Tiger Woods

The most famous golf player is on the list of betting addictions. The rumours are always prevailing in the news about his foibles, gambling addiction, and sexual affairs. But stories seem to be the truth when his mistress told about his addictions. She said Tiger always bets around $25,000 per hand while playing blackjack. He is also in the hit list of high rated players who make a bet up to the betting limit of $1 million. The betting addiction of him was hidden until he came in contact with Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated ex-boxer, has an addiction to betting on multiple sports. Recently, a report has been issued about his winning of $3million on a football match from a gambler. He is also having the habit of betting around $400,000 in any betting. The ex-wife of Floyd revealed that to cover his betting loss, she dropped $700,000 for him. In 2014, the media reported about Floyd that he lost $10 million bets to Broncos in a super bowl. But till 2013, he had won nearly $5.9 million through gambling, which made him addicted to betting. He would drop a lot of money into gambling. Visit and check out the latest stories of gambling addiction.

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire is known for Spider-Man movie in which he played the lead role. On the same side, this celebrity is also in the hit list of gambling addiction. He is addicted to the poker game where he bet millions. He has an active participation in the Poker world series and achieved success and earn a lot through this game. Tobey is earning a handsome profit of around $10 million in the poker game. But his alcohol addiction is also prevailing along with this gambling addiction.

According to the report of the daily mail, Maguire has the biggest win in between $30-$40 million through this gambling. Tobey Maguire still not lost much in this game of gambling so far; he proves to be on the pros side of gambling till now.

Charles Barkley

Another famous name in gambling addiction is Charles Barkley. The renowned athlete is devoted and sinking in the gambling. An interview given by him revealed that in 2006, he lost nearly 12.5 million in a single night in blackjack. He accepted that he is addicted to gambling, which is now becoming a serious problem of losing money. He also claimed that he lost around $700,000 in a week when he bet on the super ball. Winning millions of dollars from gambling made him addicted to betting. But at the same time, he also stated that he even lose millions of dollars in gambling. He admitted to this gambling addiction, and by 2008, he made a statement that he is not going to gamble anymore and leave this addiction soon.

You have seen the celebrities list who are addicted to betting. Some may be on the winning side while others are losing badly. We will put some more exciting stories about gambling in the future.

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