Published On: Tue, Dec 27th, 2016

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Online Poker over Live Poker

Poker’s massive fan following in casinos led to its foundation in the virtual world a couple of decades ago. Since then, a massive number of people have been getting aboard on this pleasure ride by subscribing at online poker sites. It doesn’t mean live card rooms aren’t as popular as they used to be. But, it does raise a conundrum, if you have to choose then which one should be your pick. While some people maintain an opinion that virtual poker sites lack the electrifying atmosphere of a real brick and mortar casino, here we are going to list why it is still a worthier alternative compared to the live version.

Here are 7 reasons why you should pick online Poker instead of live Poker.

1.) Good to try before buy

Most newbies who try out their first hand at poker are at a huge risk of losing money. This is because they are yet to be well versed with the nuances and strategies of the game. Online poker in Indian sites offer free roll tournaments to familiarise the players with the rules and game etiquette before they deal in real money. In these freeroll tournaments, players are not required to pay any real money and can still win cash prizes. Even if they lose, they learn how to master these poker tournaments.

Freeroll tournaments are especially good when trying a new discipline such as Omaha or Stud.

2.) Play at your convenience

The comfort of internet and laptops does away with the need to run to the nearest casino or cardroom. Players are not required to drive, park, and stand in a queue to play their favourite poker game. Funding your system is also as easy as adding money to your bank account.

So enjoy the comfort of multitasking; play poker while cooking, reading your favourite novel, writing articles, listening to music, watching TV and whatever else you can couple it with.

3.) Play your favourite variant

Live casinos and poker rooms mostly offer only the limited, popular variations of the game. Limited game selection also limits the options for winning money. This would also mean the player will have to select among the games that are not as lucrative for him.

On the other hand, online poker offers endless varieties; you can switch among the variants until you find a good game. What’s the point of being a great player if you are limited to the one game where all the other players are better than you?

4.) Multi-table

Online poker facilitates the ability to play more than one game at the same time. This brings about tons of action and increases the chances of getting a greater return of investment. So if a player is a consistent winner and is well versed with a particular style of play, he can multiply his winnings by playing many games at once.

5.) Track your opponents

Live players mostly come across the same opponents if they are playing at the same venue for a long time. This makes them familiar with their game play. But in online poker, players have to face hundreds of different players online. In order to equip the players for this kind of competition, a tracking software to keep a tab on opponents can be used. A Heads-up Display (HUD) is present above the game screen to record the stats of the rival player and draw conclusions based on PFR% (Pre-Flop Raise percentage) or VPIP% (Voluntarily Put Into Pot percentage). Though, some sites have banned this tracking software, players can still record the impressions in a notebook or online table for future reference. So in case you encounter the same player again, you can devise a strategy of your moves according to his game play.

6.) No Poker tells

In live Poker, a player can ascertain his rival’s hand through his or her tells. A poker tell is the behavioural signs of a player. For instance, some players exhale when they get bad cards. Expressing frustrations and excitements like this are weaknesses, which people who are more transparent with their feelings commit.

While playing poker online, opponents can’t predict moves as they can’t see how the opponents react to different situations.

7.) Anonymity

Playing online poker allows the players to maintain their anonymity. Revealing or hiding identity is a player’s personal choice.



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