Published On: Thu, Jul 28th, 2016

7 Useful Tips That Will Get You More Views on YouTube

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When it comes to rocketing your videos to the top of the YouTube charts, there are two things that will help get you there: the quality of your videos and some effective marketing behind the scenes.Below are a few tips to help strengthen these two cornerstones, and as a result, enjoy a loyal YouTube following.

1. Nail the name game

Title your videos appropriately, both in the file name and in the publicly displayed name. Then shift your focus to coming up with relevant tags. You can include keywords from the title here too, along with any other terms that you think will drive the right audience to your video.

2. Assemble a playlist

Playlists are a great way to get double exposure for your videos. Your individual videos can connect viewers with the full playlist and vice versa. Even better is the fact that subsequent videos in your playlist will automatically play, one after the next. But for this reason, it is advisable to create playlists with the viewer experience in mind. Keep your playlists focused, and don’t lump all of your videos into just one (unless they really are that relevant to each other).

3. Get social

Share your YouTube videos widely on all of your social media channels. Promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can yield new viewers who aren’t primarily on YouTube. Encourage your followers to share as well. Don’t leave out any blogs or websites you run, either.

4. Boost subscribers

Subscribers to your YouTube channel will be the front line of your audience. Whenever you post a new video, they will be the first to know. There are a few ways that you can increase your subscriber numbers. One of the best ways is to recruit them from your viewership. At the end of each video, have a link that encourages them to subscribe. There are plenty of other outlets in which you can ask viewers to subscribe (like social media and email), but it’s best to pair the ask with a video or some sort of selling point.

5. Give a preview

Create a short video, no more than a few minutes in length, that gives the viewer an idea of what your channel is all about. Making this the main video on your channel means that it will auto play when visitors check out your page. While visitors may not stick around to watch the full video, you still have some seconds to make a compelling first impression, so create a good hook.

6. Interact with other YouTubers

Engage with the community to draw more viewers to your profile. Comment on others’ videos and respond to comments on yours. Take it a step further by focusing the strategy on other users’ videos that are relevant to yours. Once you build rapport with other YouTube videographers, you can also try to facilitate a collaborative project, which can open your profile up to a whole new audience.

7. Create videos that people want to watch

This one might seem a tad obvious, but it’s one to be thinking about all the time. There are a few ideas you can draw from that will help make your videos popular:

Be timely. If you have commentary or spoofs or anything related to a big news story, it’s important to get your video up ASAP, before the news cycle buries it.

Be helpful. Many web video viewers take to YouTube to get a visual tutorial of something they need help with. Topics can cover anything from make-up to web design to auto mechanics. If you go this route, consider making a series of bite-sized videos with a very specific focus (e.g. “How to change your oil” rather than “How to fix a car”).

Be artistic. Videos with poor quality, no matter how appealing the content, might be overlooked. Make sure you use good lighting, stay on point, and avoid overdoing it with text bubbles.

As you continue to explore ways to get your videos more views, you might also come across another option not mentioned above—paying for views. In the short term, this option can be effective, but do some thorough research on it first. Some of the third parties that offer this service can end up having your account suspended altogether, so more organic options (like those listed above) are often a safer route.

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