Published On: Fri, Dec 20th, 2019

A Meditation Technique to Help Let Go of the Past

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The past may pull one down, and get in the way of living one’s dreams. One may be still hanging on to the disgrace of losing a job, or the pain of a broken relationship, or the grief of the death of a loved one, or the scars of an unhappy childhood.

These events might hurt and cause immense pain, but they have all happened in the past. Keeping the past alive makes it very tough to be open and receptive to new and wonderful opportunities in the present.

The Meditation Technique

Try this meditation technique to eradicate the feeling of entrapment in the painful past.

Make a note of the things that have happened in the past, and that are still bothersome. Write down all those things that cause enormous grief or anger or pain, when thought about.
Lie down on a mat. If needed, take a blanket. Breathe deeply and relax the entire body. Feel calm and comfortable.
Recall past incidences and the emotional baggage that always tags along. It is time to let go of the bursts of anger, feelings of vengeance, and pangs of grief or pain.
Imagine the negative emotion to be an old beaten up and battered suitcase, that is being dragged around everywhere. Imagine letting go off the battered suitcase, and with it, the hurtful emotion. Visualize how much lighter and happier it would feel, now that the emotional baggage has been abandoned.
Picture all unconstructive and depressing emotions as suitcases that are broken, battered, thrashed, without any handles and strapped up with tape.
Feel unencumbered, free and happy.
Breathe deeply for a few minutes. Relax any muscular tenseness in the body.
See the future open up, full of opportunity and promise.

How will this Meditation Technique help?

A Meditation Technique to Help Let Go of the Past

Meditation is a wonderful way of promoting psychological healing. Meditation helps monitor the emotional patterns, and transforms the negative ones in to positive ones. Negative thinking is bad for one’s health, mental-emotional well being, relationships and spiritual life.

Practicing this meditation technique helps let go of the past, easily. It encourages to move on forwards and helps one to see the futility of hanging on to the unnecessary baggage. It promotes psychological healing, dissolves negative emotions and reassures in times of stress. It uplifts and renews the spirit. What’s more, it provides an amazing anti-dote for chronic dissatisfaction and helps one live in the moment. This meditation method promises to:

Overcome psychological stress
Conquer constant mulling over and brooding about the past
Heal the body, mind and the spirit
Help extract one from negative and counter-productive emotions and attachments
Let go of the past and begin anew, and with lots of hope and enthusiasm.

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