Published On: Tue, Oct 15th, 2013

Aam Aadmi Party Leader Arvind Kejriwal Comment about CBI,

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It,s the turn of Aam Aadmi Party Leader Arvind Kejriwal to be tagged with this avian. As the Delhi Elections near,hoardings featuring ‘Kejriwal the Parrot’ have come up anonymously across the city. The same lampoon him for describing himself as the ‘only honest man in the city’ while the rest are all corrupt. The poster, incidentally , has been issued in the name of something called ‘Jan Abhiyan’, but no address or contact details have been supplied. Those in support of the kejriwal parrot idea are quit tickled by it all, wondering aloud why honesty should be the sole monopoly of the AAP. Meanwhile, Kejri’s supporters are boldly marching ahead. Sources at the AAP office say they are expecting more such “below-the-belt” attacks in the coming days, given that the BJP and Congress are “running scared” of their “rising mass base.”

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