Published On: Fri, Jan 3rd, 2014

Aam Aadmi Party still open to forming govt in Delhi

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The Aam Adami Parti  has not yet ruled out accepting support from the Congress to form a government in Delhi. Indicating that it was open to the possibility, AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal told Times Now on Wednesday that he was personally against having truck with either Congress or BJP, but there were many opinions in the party, including some who wanted AAP to make the government. That’s why, he said, the leadership has decided to seek a referendum from the people.

While there have been reports that opinion within AAP was divided on government formation, this is the first time Kejriwal himself has acknowledged that there’s an opinion in favour of making the government. What’s more, the opinion would appear to be strong enough for Kejriwal to hold a referendum to ascertain the public view on the issue.

“Whatever the people say, we will abide by it,” Kejriwal said. He added that, if mandated, AAP would take up government formation as a challenge as Congress and BJP have accused it of not being good at governance. “In the five to six months before us, we will be able to at least start some major activities on our agenda and prove that we are quite capable of good governance. Congress can’t do much till the general elections. However, if it tries to make things difficult for us, we will go back to the public and ask for a re-election,” he said.

“I was personally not in favour of an alliance but of late many people had started feeling that we were shirking responsibility. There was also a divided opinion on the matter of government formation within the party. We met our MLAs on Tuesday and asked them about their personal opinion and the opinion of the people in their respective constituencies. The response we received was mixed and we decided that instead of closed door politics, we will take the matter to the public and ask them,” Kejriwal said.

He also accused political parties and other vested interests of having spent crores of rupees in driving a wedge between him and Anna Hazare. He, however, stopped short of naming anyone or saying what these crores had been spent on.

He refused to say anything against Anna Hazare, who has been quite critical of Kejriwal and his brand of politics. Kejriwal said Hazare had a special place in his heart and could rebuke him whenever he liked. “People have put in a concerted effort to divide us. However, there can always be a difference of opinion, as was on the Lokpal Bill. We will continue our fight for the Jan Lokpal Bill,” he said.

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