Published On: Mon, Apr 9th, 2018

Accelerated Mobile Pages And Your Business

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (or AMP) is another up-and-coming trend that is helping mobile pages to load faster across all mobile devices. This initiative gives people who publish regularly the best possible visibility in mobile search engines like Google. Because so many users will search on their phone or tablet before powering up a computer, it’s vital for businesses to be optimized not only for web search, but for all mobile devices as well. Those whose app’s use AMP also enjoy fewer bounce rates and better load times, improving both the app’s performance and the user’s experience. Partnering with the right developer will also ensure the app is maintained and able to receive the highest possible traction.

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Those engaging with your business through mobile want an app to load quickly, be touch-friendly, and refrain from draining their data. Pages that load four times as fast require users to use the minimal amount of their data to retrieve the information they’re looking for. The use of AMP not only boosts your audience’s loyalty, but Google recognizes you as a strong competitor, increasing the likelihood of them recommending you to prospective customers.

With all of these benefits, why aren’t all companies taking advantage of these pages? To begin with, two versions of their website must be created and maintained in order for AMP to make sense; furthermore, some elements of a website’s code must be rewritten in order to accommodate certain restrictions. The key then is finding a developer familiar with transferring the elements from a desktop site to an AMP version without sacrificing the integrity of your website design. Some of these activities might include adjusting CSS to be more concise or playing with the dimensions of images; this is another reason you want to keep a desktop version separate as tinkering with this script in desktop may compromise that version.

Guaraná Technologies app development services optimize your website for mobile using AMP and stripped-down HTML so you no longer miss out on the search activity of smartphone and tablet users. Finally, your site will be light weight and quick to load to better meeting the needs of users on the go. If you’re worried about retaining high-quality analytics, AMP does not affect the quality of how things are recorded, and you can still launch ads the same way you would through desktop – even using these light weight variations.

Why not accelerate your business success on all platforms? By introducing accelerated mobile pages, users will appreciate the fast load times without dealing with data overage charges when their phone bill arrives. Provide them with this convenience before your competitors do and increase your customer loyalty; simply join forces with a strong developer that can make the appropriate coding changes quickly but carefully. Thanks to their expertise, you’ll never have to worry about your reach missing members of your target market that no longer use desktop search as their primary form of connection.

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