Published On: Tue, May 29th, 2018

Activities for Summer Days and Nights

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Spring and summer bring beautiful weather, new life and an ambition for the outdoors. After being holed up indoors all winter long, the warmer temperatures beckon people outdoors to enjoy activities with friends and family. For those looking for an excuse to enjoy the season, there are a variety of spring activities that are suitable for any age.

Gardening can be a soothing and somewhat therapeutic experience. It is most often an outdoor activity performed in solitude, though families and couples often enjoy gardening together. Visit some local feed stores for seeds and read some books concerning the best planting times and seasons.

Bonfires have a way of bringing friends together and creating memories. Make s’mores, bring a guitar and sing “Kumbaya”. Be sure to check for burning bans, codes and ordinances before creating a fire. For even more fun, take the bonfire to the lake for daytime swimming and boating.

Activities for Summer Days and Nights

Though not as common as in years past, neighborhood block parties are still a great way to bring neighbors together to fire up the grill, race lawnmowers, play games and enjoy homemade treats. Obtain a permit from the city and block off a cul-de-sac. Enlist the help of neighbors to spread the word and plan games and events. If all goes well, it may turn into a yearly tradition.

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