Published On: Thu, Mar 12th, 2020

Americans Skipping Their Medical Treatment Due To High Healthcare Cost

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In spite of having health insurance, Americans denied taking their medical treatment.

As the public health ministers and lawmakers worry about the growing spread of coronavirus infected in the U.S., but there is a potential barrier to the government welfare programs is the high cost of medical treatment that Americans are not willing to take.


About one of the three American families or about 32% of the Americans refused to take the medical or healthcare treatment due to the high cost. These medical checkups include medications, doctors’ visits, vaccinations, vision check-ups, and annual health examinations. From the past few years, Americans are not taking their proper health treatments because of high health cost, as per the study that was published by Bankrate on Thursday.


Mark Hamrick, a senior economic analyst of the Bankrate, says that “Health care costs, including the most significant stemming from an unexpected accident or illness, can inflict lasting financial damage. One way to guard against this is to save for emergencies. It is better to have that money in savings to try to avoid the added cost and the worry.”


Is Coronavirus Make The Cause Of Medicare For Americans?


This virus is causing the disease that is called COVID-19 has led to 4,610 human deaths, as there are about 125,600 positive cases found worldwide, which are mostly in China. Moreover, there are more than 1,100 positive Coronavirus cases in the U.S. and 32 deaths.


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