Published On: Mon, Jan 20th, 2014

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Be the first to discover news stories moments after they break. The free Breaking News app brings you the latest breaking reports from hundreds of news sources across the globe, edited in real time by our 24/7 team of journalists. You can browse the latest updates in seconds, or drill down to full reports from top news organizations as soon as they’re available online.


The features instant push alerts on the biggest stories, a way to keep tabs of the latest developments by following stories and topics that matter to you, and a map to pinpoint where the latest stories are happening around the world.

Special Features:

*Browse the latest breaking stories in seconds

*Drill down to full reports from top news organizations

*See verified social media reports from breaking events

*Edited by a trusted team of journalists in real time

*Choose to receive push alerts for the biggest stories

*Add your favorite topics to revisit them any time

*Pinpoint the latest breaking stories on a map

*Share stories via Twitter, Facebook, text and email



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