Published On: Tue, Nov 29th, 2016

Android More Vulnerable To Hackers Than iOS: Report

For years it has been known the Windows PCs are more vulnerable to malware and cyber attacks than the system running on Mac OS. It has been frequently argued whether such security lapse is due to internet, structural security weaknesses or just due the dominant market share of Windows that made juicier, bigger and lucrative target for hackers.

Whatever be the reason, it is true the Windows machines were more vulnerable compared to the Macs, and especially the older versions of the operating system.


Lately Microsoft has worked a lot on improving the security of Windows and lately zthe biggest issue concerned is mobile security on iOS and Android devices.

This month more Android security concerns have come to notice citing the Android devices are more at risk for security problems compared to other mobile OS.

According to Kryptowire, about three million cheap Android devices have a firmware backdoor that is learned sending call logs, text, location data and personally identifiable information to China without informing the users.

Kryptowire is a mobile security company.

Another similar security company Fortinet found lately a new Android banking Trojan that disguises itself as an email program and tries stopping antivirus mobile apps and service utilities from launching.

Even though the IT and mobile security firms have discovered such security threats, Google has not stopped from claiming Android is as secure as iOS.

Just give a thought.

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