Published On: Wed, Mar 30th, 2016

Apple Looks For Knowledge How FBI Unlocked iPhone Of San Bernardino Attackers

The situation is different now. Prior to Monday FBI looked for help from Apple, but now it is vice versa. Now Apple is seeking FBI should let them know how the iPhone 5c of one of the San Bernardino attackers was unlocked.

The FBI announced Monday they have managed unlocking the device without the help of iDevice giant and they have no interest in making Apple understand how it was possible.

As an aftermath, Apple is now left guessing about a vulnerability that could compromise millions of its users using its products.

Apple Looks For Knowledge How FBI Unlocked iPhone Of San Bernardino Attackers

Product counsel at security software maker AVG Technologies, Justin Olsson, said Apple need to find out in whatever way how the security features of its product turned vulnerable.

Olsson added the government should disclose the process privately to Apple so that the company can further work on the security features to make it harder to unlock.

FBI has now dropped the case against Apple after unlocking the phone but it is yet to be understood whether tech companies should be made aware of flaws in their products, or the law enforcement should be able to deploy the bugs as crime-fighting tools.

It is also not known whether the technique used by FBI in unlocking iPhone 5c of the attacker to work in other devices too.

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