Published On: Fri, May 15th, 2020

Are Oysters Healthy For You – Benefits and Allergies

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When it comes to oysters there are mixed opinions from the people, some consider it a very good choice of food, while others consider it unnecessary. The truth is oysters are very delicious and are very rich in various benefits and nutrition.

Nutrition facts about oyster

These are the nutrition facts of oyster data provided by the USDA in 28 grams of raw oysters:

  • Protein: 1.6g
  • Sugars: 0.2g
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 0.8g
  • Sodium: 24mg
  • Calories: 14.5
  • Fat: 0.5g


Oysters are very low in carbohydrates, there is less than 1 gram of carbohydrates in oysters’ serving of 1 ounce.


Just like carbohydrates, they are not very rich in fats as well, in fact, the level of fats is even less than the carbohydrates. It stands at .5 gram per ounce.


As mentioned above, oysters are very rich in proteins. In one ounce of oysters, there are at least 1.6 grams of protein and it includes all the necessary amino acids.

Minerals and vitamins

The level of calories is very low in the case of oysters but despite that, they are very rich in minerals and vitamins. They are a great source of vitamin B12, iron, copper, selenium, and zinc.

Health advantages

As mentioned earlier the disadvantages are there, but in the case of oysters there are also several benefits and some of them are as follows

Increase immunity

This is a flu season that is going on and higher your immunity is, the safest you are from catching a flow. Oysters are a great source of food from where you can increase your immunity because they are very rich in zinc. You may or may not know but zinc is a very important nutrient when it comes to increasing the power of the immune system of an individual.

Enhances heart health

If you have some kind of heart disease, oysters can be a great thing for you because of the level of protein and amino acids that is present in them. Consuming oysters can gradually reduce the risk of heart disease in adults.

Reduces the risk of osteoporosis

Certain studies suggest that oysters help a great deal in suppressing the production of oyster class that is solely responsible for bone loss and its breakdown. Although more studies are required to confirm it is a fact.

Prevents anemia

Oysters are very rich in iron and due to this the iron deficiency is fulfilled that prevents anemia easily.

Negative effects and allergies

Although there are no specific allergies related to oysters, there are certain allergies that you may develop if you are allergic to seafood or you face the problem of shellfish allergies because these are very common. Although the immune system can be enhanced by appropriate quantity consumption of oysters, if someone has a very compromised immune system due to an ongoing disease, consuming raw oysters is not the best deal because it can lead to very serious illnesses like heart diseases, liver disease, HIV, diabetes, alcoholism, and cancer.

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