Published On: Thu, Sep 10th, 2015

Aspects of Website Design for Becoming Successful Identity Online

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Approximately 80% of the modern generation hate doing shift jobs, they are more passionate about creating their own identity in the highly competitive marketplace. If you are also among them and have started your own online business , you have to put really hard efforts for achieving success as there are thousands of competitors in the market. You should make an impressive approach by creatively framing your innovative ideas and smooth functionality in a website design so that users get attracted with the very first glimpse of it. Well, this can be achieved by following certain basic rules that can make your online business a success.

Here’re some prominent rules for creating a successful identity with a quality design:

1)   Simple and Well-Organised Design Is a Key: People often tend to overdo their websites in an effort of making it extraordinary or give it a cool look. They make heavy and flashy additions like animation, background music, heavy images and graphics. This is the biggest mistake they are doing especially when we talk off business websites. It is quite imperative to ensure that design is formulated in an organised way that people can easily navigate to the things that they are looking for. Be attentive towards the readability of the text on your website. The safest way to go is putting dark colour text on the simple light background.

2)   Be an Active Responder to Visitors: You have to be more diligent towards your potential customers by responding to their queries, concerns you receive through emails or contact forms. Taking too long to respond might spoil your image afore customers. It is highly preferable to stay active for all the customer interaction either by hiring a dedicated professional or managing to answer every query by yourself as there is a huge array of competitors in the market who readily wait to reap benefit of such situations and sway your customers.

3)   Visitor’s Engagement Should Be a Priority: Keeping visitors engage on your website is quintessential for increased loyalty and sales. The easiest way to do this is – add a blog section and invite visitors’ comments. Spread your posts through newsletters and gathering feedbacks through comments can also contribute. For large sites, it is advisable to add a discussion forum wherein visitors can create their own topics. Be active on numerous social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest etc to share, inform and converse with customers via responses. Also, make sure you have provided necessary social media buttons on your website so that people can stay connected through their preferred social media platform and grab all the recent updates about your progress and new launches.

4)   Keep Your Visitors Coming Back: Repetitive visits of customers to your business implies towards an increase in sales. There are plenty of ways to convince your visitors for coming back. You can declare off one-day sale at least a month. You can write a series of articles that visitors will follow-up till the last article of the series. Introduce the interesting topics about which people really want information.

5)   Don’t Overdo Pushing of Sales: Whether you take an instance of a brick and mortar business or online business, visitors just hate the feeling of overly pressured to make any purchase. You can simply put the advantages of your product and services in front of potential customers, but avoid pressurising them. Being too much pushy can backfire on you.

6)   Maintain a Healthy Database: Sustain a quality mailing list. For this, you can ask visitors to subscribe for your newsletter when they stumble upon your website. Offer them incentives in the form of e-course or free report about your business. Make sure you are not disrespecting your potential customers and their time. Don’t send the newsletter too often, maintain a regularity of say- once in a month in the case of any special announcements. Also, make sure to deliver quality content and provide them an easy way to unsubscribe as well.

7)   Don’t Forget You Are Dealing With Real People: In an attempt of grabbing the attention of maximum users, don’t forget to treat customers as real beings. Put yourself in customer’s place to get a rough idea about the concerns that a customer or visitor might have. More sensible you will be at dealing with people, higher will be the value of your business in the marketplace. And a good repo business can engage more customers.

Mastering the above-said rules will definitely help you achieve long-term success and a rich clientele.

About the Author

- This article is written by Kristy Bernales, working as a Senior Web Designer with Web Design Xperts, Melbourne. She highlighted a set of golden rules to attain success in online businesses, especially for the start-ups. To know more about, catch her on FB, Twitter or Google+ .

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