Published On: Fri, Jan 16th, 2015

Beats Headphone is a Must-Have Accessory

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Founded by Dr. Dre and music producer Jimmy Iovine, Beats is one of the top guns in the headphone arena. When the Beats headphones hit the market, it had cost a pretty penny for everyone. With growing popularity, its distinguished and top-notch quality took the world by storm.

With the extreme rise of smartphones and tablets, the premium headphone market found its feat in the modern-day technology market. More and more consumers shifted towards consuming music on mobile devices. This transition scaled up the demand for high-end headphones. In the initial stage of this transition, the standard approach of consuming was low-fi MP3s that were played through cheap ear buds and laptop speakers. This below-average sound quality certainly didn’t impress the music enthusiasts, artists, and producers. In fact, this was never the way they relished the beauty of music. After having an epiphany about the quality available in the market, Beats’ founders capitalized on this opportunity and rendered sound quality that was never witnessed in the sound and audio arena.

Beats Headphone is a Must-Have Accessory

The transition between modern day and post-modern era witnessed an outrageous evolution of technology. It had already reached the next level, creating more market opportunities for Beats. There was tremendous amendment encountered in every aspect of technology. For example, laptops and tablets were getting faster and powerful, mobile were getting smarter, and TVs were becoming high-definition. While everything around was booming, the audio and sound industry hit the rock bottom. There was hardly any enhancement in this field. And to fill the void, Beats took one step ahead and put the sound industry in the driver’s seat.

Apart from furnishing a superior sound quality, Beats overhead headphones also triumphed in the market by providing elegant and classic designs. Though some consumers took the side road because of the outrageously bass-heavy sound, its further enhancements had a corner on the sound market. With continuous innovations and endless research, Beats’ arrival changed the look of the audio and sound engineering. If someone was seen using the Beats headphones or any accessory, that person was considered superior and important compared to others. The Beats overhead headphones define people as those who breathe in and breathe out music. It is no different than a person wearing Zara shoes or having Mercedes. As a brand name, Beats had gone a long way.

The name was everywhere and appeared in various music videos. Beats headphones were seen around the neck of NBA rock star LeBron. It flashed in Lady Gaga’s hit “Poker Face.” Even singing sensation Justin Bieber lent his name to the headphone models designed by Beats. Beats overhead headphones’ association with renowned personalities helped to sky-rocket its sales growth to triple digits. From mere headphones, it recently expanded audio systems to smartphones, computers and cars and released stand-alone line of products such as the Beats Pill.

Beats give you a listening experience that elates your music sense. Once plugged in, Beats headphones will change your perception of music for better. It creates products that improve the sonic quality, providing an electrifying sound to the ears.


From noise-canceling to bass earphones, Beats has touched upon every sound engineering chord. Beats products are lighter, stronger and render flawless sound. Its products come with a 20-hour rechargeable battery and have features such as RemoteTalk and Adaptive Noise Canceling. Having sports-class designs, its products are sturdy, and have no visible screws on them. Beats overhead headphones have become an epitome of style and function in the audio and sound engineering department.

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