Published On: Fri, Aug 29th, 2014

Behold the Convenience Store with Foods and Drinks That Can’t Be Eaten!

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Normally, when people make up their mind to go to such a place as a convenience store, it is because they are looking for something they can either eat or drink. After all, it is why a convenience store is established in the first place. Nonetheless, for those who decide to pay a visit to this store in particular, they will be very disappointed. The problem is that this said store does not sell anything that people can actually eat or drink!


Well, situated quite strategically at the Bethnal Green in London, UK, ‘The Corner Shop’ does not offer customers with real foods or drinks. Based on the information acquired from the Foodiggity, all that customers will be able to find here are knitted replicas of the real foods and drinks and these replicas look very much alike the real things. They even come with very authentic trademark logo, color accent and shape, among other properties. As it turns out, the owner of this pretty weird yet somehow creative convenience store, Lucy Sparrow, is someone who is really into the world of knitting art. Customers that visit her replica store have even been amazed many times when they see how Lucy stores her replicas of foods and drinks on a number of shelves and even in a refrigerator! So, somehow, the store gives a sense that customers are shopping in an actual convenience store commonly found out there.


Thanks to the very high details of her knitted artworks, Lucy Sparrow is quite optimistic that she will indeed manage to gain quite an enormous number of customers, all of whom are not quite likely to regret at all having spent their hard earned money only on replicas instead of something they can literally consume. After all, where else can the people in this world find such highly detailed and authentic replicas of foods and drinks if not at The Corner Shop?


Besides, there are very high chances that Lucy Sparrow, the person owning and running this very unique convenience store, is not the only one who has real eyes for replicas such as her knitted works of art. When this kind of customers comes to her place, there is no need to question that Lucy is going to make quite a lucrative amount of money. As a comparison, take those replica collectors in existence out there for an example. When a collector is interested in a particular piece of art, he or she will never hesitate to take a lucrative sum of cash out of his or her pockets to get the piece of art sealed only for him or her and not for anybody else. Most of the time, these collectors will not regret, either, even if they have to spend outrageously for a certain piece of replicas. As a matter of fact, real collectors with real eyes for the replica arts will even make periodic comebacks to check out for new replicas to add to their collections.


So, even though it is true that some people out there may think of Lucy Sparrow’s such unique idea as a complete waste of time, this owner of The Corner Shop will actually make more money than the average people in existence out there. Yet, there may be one problem that remains. What if Lucy Sparrow gets old and that she is no longer capable of knitting all those food and drink replicas? Or what if her works of art are no longer as authentic and highly detailed as they used to be? In case of real foods and drinks, there are no such things to worry about. Even if the owner of the store gets old, the foods and drinks will always be available and edible all the same. However, perhaps that is not something for Lucy Sparrow to be concerned about quite just yet. What is more important right now, perhaps, is to focus on getting everything ready for the debut of the convenience store. The Corner Shop will begin operational on 31st August 2014.

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