Published On: Sat, Nov 11th, 2017

Beware! Home Pesticides Raises Risk Of Cancer Among Children

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New study reveals children are at risk of developing lymphoma or leukemia because of being exposed to insecticides at home.

Several similar studies were conducted in about past twenty years and sixteen of those found children are exposed to indoor insecticides and are at higher risk of developing blood cancers.

Details of the finding are published in the online version of Pediatrics and the print version will be coming up next month.

The new findings however does not proves chemical pesticides contribute to cancers directly as there are several questions unanswered.

Beware! Home Pesticides Raises Risk Of Cancer Among Children

According to senior researcher Chensheng (Alex) Lu, it is not yet known how much exposure is required to cause cancer.

Lu is an associate professor of environmental exposure biology at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. He said the critical window in development raises questions whether it was during pregnancy or even before it. To get proper answers, much deeper investigation is required.

Apart from all the unanswered questions, Lu suggests it would be good to limit children’s exposure to chemical pesticides.

However, limiting at home is not enough. Kids may also get exposed to the pesticides outside of home. It can be in the schools, playgrounds and even the park.

Childhood cancer is very rare and if believed to data of American Cancer Society only 10,400 children younger than 15 years of age were diagnosed with it in United States in 2015.

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