Published On: Tue, Jan 26th, 2016

bounty rewards app launches in Delhi

bounty, India’s first & only ‘walk-in to get rewards app’ has now launched in Delhi. The hot favourite app of Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai, is aiming to create waves in Delhi now. When you visit any of your favourite places, be it a restaurant, pub, saloon, spa, retail store, grocery store etc (1000+ places in Delhi), the app will automatically recognize the place and alert you to collect bounty points. You have to just tap once to collect the reward points. These rewards can then be redeemed against a host of offline and online gift cards with no conditions and no coupons.

bounty rewards app launches in Delhi

The app works even without your GPS being on or when your 4G/3G is switched off too. bounty is the first rewards app in India to provide android wear support.

Rewarding thy customers has always been the best way of retaining them. However, most reward programs do not work due to the pain in collecting and redeeming of rewards, lack of flexibility and relevance of rewards. In order to ease this consumer difficulty, apps like bounty come into picture. bounty app automatically rewards your everyday lifestyle activities. You just live your life in terms of eating out, shopping, visiting places etc and bounty automatically alerts you to collect reward points. These reward points can be redeemed at merchant partner’s online sites or offline outlets with no conditions (these are equivalent to cash).

bounty is a platform for offline businesses to target, engage and manage their customers in realtime. To us, it seems like a lead gen or a prospecting business model for offline stores. This can enable the offline merchants to effectively compete with ecommerce sites using their core strength of “seeing it in real”. Since the customer has to really walk-into a physical store to get bounty points, businesses are not paying for some digital traffic but for real foot traffic.

In India, bounty competes with Crownit, Payback and a few others who reward users to take a picture of bill or by giving your phone number or by tagging your cards etc but bounty has pioneered automatic check-ins with cutting edge technology.

It’s not just about technology but about how the technology works seamlessly for a easy and delightful consumer experience. bounty is able to crack this sweetspot. Bounty claims to be having close to half a million downloads in less than year that the have been operational without any advertising or marketing and it definitely shows how much consumers are loving it! bounty drove 6+ million walkins to offline stores rewarding consumers with 60+ million points so far. So walk into your nearest place and get automatically rewarded with bounty app.

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