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Brittany Murphy’s Most Memorable Roles

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Actress Brittany Murphy has charmed audiences for over a decade with her memorable movie roles, including her breakthrough role in the 1995 film Clueless. The entertainment world lost an amazing talent on December 20, 2009 when the 32-year-old actress died suddenly and without warning. With over 30 movie roles under her belt, Brittany Murphy was a true force of Hollywood and will be missed tremendously. So as supporting fans of the talented actress, please take a few moments to remember the most memorable roles of Brittany Murphy and read on.


Murphy charmed viewers in this 1995 comedy portraying Tai Fraiser, the ugly duckling who is transformed into a popular and beautiful “it” girl by the rich and popular main characters Cher and Dionne. The film became an instant hit, grossing over $11 million on its opening weekend. Entertainment Weekly selected Clueless as one of the “New Classics” in 2008. Murphy became an instant star and this role is still considered one of her greatest.

Girl, Interrupted

This 1999 drama starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie was one of Murphy’s darkest roles. She portrayed Daisy Randone, a victim of sexual abuse who suffers from an eating disorder and self-mutilation. This particular role proved to audiences that Murphy could also portray more serious parts, and showed the versatility of her talent. Although she didn’t have a very big part in the film, audiences were impressed by her performance.

Riding in Cars with Boys

2001 brought Murphy another great role. This autobiographical film starred Drew Barrymore, who portrayed Beverly Donofrio, a teen mom turned writer. Murphy played Fay, Donofrio’s best friend and support system throughout the movie, who even becomes pregnant at the same time as Donofrio. Roger Ebert gave the film three out of four stars, calling it “refreshing and startling”.

Don’t Say a Word

Brittany Murphy's Most Memorable Roles

This 2001 psychological thriller chilled viewers to the bone and Murphy’s role as Elisabeth Burrows gave audiences goose bumps. Starring alongside Michael Douglas, Murphy delivered the famous line, “I’ll never tell.” Murphy’s character was a disturbed young woman at a state sanatorium, and viewers were perplexed yet intrigued by her performance.

8 Mile

In 2002, this hip-hop biographical film rose to fame. Working alongside Eminem, Kim Basinger, and Mekhi Phifer, Murphy portrayed Alex Latourno, the girlfriend of Eminem’s character Jimmy. 8 Mile was well received among critics, as well as Murphy’s performance.

Uptown Girls

This 2003 heartwarming comedy was one of Murphy’s prized performances. Murphy played Molly Gunn, the 22-year-old spoiled and free-spirited daughter of a rock legend, who suddenly is cut off from her father’s royalty money and is forced to get a job as a nanny. Young Dakota Fanning portrayed Ray, the uptight little girl who Molly cares for. With an awesome cast and great musical talent as well, Uptown Girls was an instant hit, and moviegoers loved Murphy’s fun performance.

Sin City

In 2005, Murphy starred in yet another box office sensation, the action thriller film Sin City. She played the part of Shellie, a barmaid who is abused by her boyfriend ‘Jackie Boy’. She secretly dates Dwight McCarthy, a highly intelligent private eye, and at times she possesses too much courage, especially towards drunken men. This film was a tremendous success in Hollywood for Murphy and entire cast and crew involved.

Brittany Murphy’s death shocked the world on December 20, 2009. Fans will miss her funny demeanor, multitalented roles, and warm smile. She is gone too soon, and her refreshing and versatile talent will be missed among many. With so many impressive performances, she truly was a shining star. She had accomplished tremendous things in her short life, and had she lived, would surely have accomplished much more.

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