Published On: Wed, May 2nd, 2018

Buffet Ideas for Night Parties

Casinos are more known for great deals and lots of food than any particular fare. Thus, if a person is planning a party with a casino theme, a buffet with lots of food can be a good choice. However, as with luau parties and summer theme parties, food that symbolizes the theme is also appropriate.

Buffet Ideas for Night Parties

Buffet food can include prime rib, lobster, salad, fruit, bread, and all sorts of desserts. Since a buffet is pretty much an amalgamation of all sorts of cuisines, there is really no right way to make a casino-themed buffet. But lots of meat and decadent desserts will make casino night parties look especially realistic.

Some items that are commonly associated with casinos include gambling chips and playing cards, so food can be made to resemble these items at casino night parties. While creating culinary representations of these items seems nearly impossible to do, the food does not have to look like the chips or cards exactly. Instead, sugar cookies can be sprinkled with red, green, blue, or white sprinkles to make them look more like casino chips. Or brownies or other bar-shaped treats can be frosted to either look like the back or front side of playing cards.

The more creative people get with planning a party, the more successful themed parties will be. Consider food staples associated with the theme of the party as well as food symbolic of the theme. Themed party supplies can be incorporated with the food for even more fun.

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