Published On: Tue, Dec 29th, 2015

Building Your Brand Equity Using Twitter – What Your Business Needs

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The then co-founder and chairperson of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, referred Twitter as a “short burst of inconsequential information” and “chirps from birds”. As a fun of Twitter, you will understand that that is exactly what Twitter is in terms of social media services. However apart from just peeping, this micro-blogging platform social system services – in 2009- turned into a major buzz boosting innumerable media features.

Saying it blatantly, you can build your brand equity using Twitter! Well, you do not believe it. It is not your fault. With stories ridiculously cropped to 140 characters, conversation starting with hashtags and punctuated with emojis, surely how do you harness the power of Twitter to drive your business brand?

Be all over the place

The Twitter platform seems endless. You do not know where to start displaying your online presence. The trick is to be all over the place, but not everywhere. Got it? Well, a case in point: you sell men body lotion. Would you like to put your lotion in all furniture stores, say office or home furniture stores? It will be weird. The same applies to Twitter.
Then why use Twitter? Because:

Almost 71% of internet users are likely to buy a product they are following on Twitter. What you need is to position your brand strategically where they will undoubtedly see it.
The online presence is much similar to the real word reputation. Your clients judge you on your presence and hate you if they cannot find you online. Why? Because 47% of people
Who will follow or already follow you brand on Twitter has high chances of visiting your company’s website. 85% of your Twitter users feel more connected to your brand once the start following your brand on Twitter.
Here are the reasons you brand really need Twitter

  •  Nurture brand champions
  •  Increase brand awareness
  • Expressing brand leadership
  • Build a brand community

Every real business will want this.

Where do you start?

Before you react to the adrenaline rush and invest your time, energy and money to build your brand on Twitter, consider doing the following.

  •  Outline your objectives
  •  Identify your target audience and their buying behavior
  •  Identify their pain points
  •  Learn how their offline and online media consumption is
  •  Find out what your audience is saying about your products, brand, and competitors

This is looking the whole possibility from the lens of intent-based marketing perspective – which is only considering those consumers who show buying intent for your brand through their buying behaviors.

Let’s Build That Brand Equity

Now that you have the fruits and vegetables let now extract their juice for the sake of your business and brand. Now that you have the facts and statistics, how do you build your brand on Twitter? Now, here is how you do it:

Your brand name should be your twitter name

Many people make this mistake – using cute or even weird names that are not related to their brands. Use the name of your brand as your twitter name. It may sound obvious, but many may disregard it.

Your logo should be your Twitter photo

This is another obvious one, but people continue making mistakes – you should use your business or brand logo as your Twitter picture.

Inform your audience through your tweets

Give your audience quality content that inform them. People love learning about the brand they wish to buy. Remember the rule of “garbage in garbage” out apply even on Twitter.
Do not forget to add a link to more information on your site. The web page should add value and be easy to get to it. This way Twitter generates leads to your website. People love re-tweeting quality and useful information.

Tweet frequently – maybe 10 to 20 times per day

Tweet more frequently. Tweeting useful information 10 to 20 times per day will keep your brand name in the Twitter stream. Send your tweets to other blogs and videos that are still relevant.

Create a persona for your Twitter

Creating a persona for your Twitter enables your audience to know your brand. This includes a set of characteristics that identify with your brand. Most of the time consumers relate to the brand personality hence increasing the brand equity. Brand personality falls into five categories, which include:
• Sincerity – include being genuine, caring and sincere while interacting with consumers and other twitters

• Excitement – people love passionate people. The tweets should be passionate too and will melt the hearts of millions.

• Ruggedness – these people never give up or shed tears, your tweets should also be relentless while promoting your brand. People tend to identify with heroes since they are rugged.

• Sophistication – let your audience know that you are sophisticated in taste

• Competence – the tweets should be well informed and valuable regarding knowledge that will impress others.

• Limited use of social media company – I would not suggest but if you are short of your personal time, it’s advisable to make use of professional social media company with limited exposure.

Learn the Art of giving

This involves not only tweeting relevant information but also sharing other people’s tweets. This way you will create an empire and people will reciprocate the generosity.

Last but not the least, sponsor a contest. This is giving back to your followers. People love free things, and they will grandly accept a free, say IPad or men lotion.

Essentially, Twitter offers incredible social media services where you can build and promote your brand equity.

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