Published On: Tue, Feb 6th, 2018

Can Tech Changes Save Apple’s iPhone X?

When the iPhone X was unveiled last fall, it got rave reviews. Most every serious publication agreed that it was the best phone Apple has ever produced, and many (at least) thought it was the best phone on the market, period. The thinking, for a while, seemed to be that the sheer quality of the phone, as well as the possibility of paying in installments, would be enough to make consumers go along with the $1,000 price tag. And the phone has performed well – but, by the sound of things, not well enough.

iPhoneX_8 Recent reports indicate that Apple is going to halve the number of iPhone X phones produced in the first three months of the year, presumably because there just isn’t enough demand. Basically it’s become clear that plenty of people are willing to pay up for the top iPhone available – and many of them adore the product they get. However, many more appear to be perfectly fine settling for the iPhone 8 or 8-plus, ignoring the few features that set the $1,000 device apart.

Now the question becomes one about what happens next for the iPhone X. Will enthusiasm simply pick up over time, once the lower-end iPhones begin to seem dated? Will Apple manipulate software updates so that people eventually need the iPhone X in order to enjoy the performance they’re accustomed to? Or is it possible that changes in tech beyond the phone itself could actually bring more people aboard?

It’s this last possibility that’s perhaps most interesting to speculate about. Below are a few of the kinds of changes that could result in a boost for this most expensive mobile device.

Improved Messaging Sophistication

It sounds strange to say it, but the most important innovation of the iPhone X may well be its silly introduction of Animojis. These are animated emojis that can capture users’ voices and facial movements, largely for the purpose of sending amusing messages to friends through iMessage. The Animojis have been a hit so far, to the point that they’ve been used in advertising. And Apple is reportedly unveiling more of them soon.

More and better opportunities to use these silly little features may actually increase the demand for the iPhone X. Particularly if other messaging systems (like, say, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, etc.) start to take advantage of the facial recognition capabilities of the iPhone X to introduce their own versions of Animojis, this style of messaging will become more popular. People whose phones can’t do it would then be left out, and thus feel more urgency to upgrade.

A Bigger, Better AR Gaming Selection

There’s simply no questioning that the iPhone X is the most impressive device on the market when it comes to display and clarity. Thus, it does the prettiest job of presenting the brand new augmented reality games that have been flooding the app store since last autumn. The problem is that a lot of those games just haven’t been interesting enough to attract players with any degree of enthusiasm. The good news for Apple is that there’s probably more around the corner.

No one has really mastered the AR shooter on a mobile device yet, but someone will. We have yet to see too many creature-catching games imitating Pokémon GO, and we’re likely to. Perhaps most important of all, we haven’t seen virtual casinos rendered in AR just yet – and we will. In addition to poker and blackjack on the like, even casino slots are primed for movement into this category. Online developers have noted that moving these games to 3D animation really brings the action to life, and transitioning to AR would only take things further. It’s probably inevitable, and it will make a lot more people interested in AR. Their best option will be the iPhone X.

Augmented Reality Glasses

Introducing augmented reality glasses is the clearest step Apple could take to boost the iPhone X. These glasses have been rumored long enough that it appears to be a question of when, rather than if they’ll be produced. But when they do emerge, they could work wonders for the iPhone X.

If Apple wants to be particularly direct about it, the company could of course design the glasses to only be compatible with the iPhone X. More likely however, they’ll simply be viewed as the next big thing in mobile tech, and the logical pairing will be between them and the top mobile phone on the market.

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