Published On: Tue, Oct 17th, 2017

Cancer Cure Accidentally Found In Malaria Treatment

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This might be a great step forward in the research for cancer cure. Researchers have accidentally found a malaria protein can help in the treatment of the disease.

The scientists at the University of Copenhagen and the University of British Columbia are reported to have been looking for a way of protecting pregnant women from malaria and found armed malaria proteins can also attack cancer.

The new finding may be the magic bullet in the advancement of treatment for cancer and path to the eradication of the dread disease. The scientists tested thousands of samples of cancers from leukemias to brain tumors. They have evidence a malaria protein used in vaccines attacked tumor types of more than 90 percent.

Cancer Cure Accidentally Found In Malaria Treatment

Malaria causes huge problems in pregnant women as it attacks the placenta, which is an organ that grows from few cells into an organ weighing about two pounds in just few months to provide oxygen and nourishment to the embryo in a foreign environment. Similarly tumors too do the same work. They grow aggressively in foreign environment.

In the new experiment the researchers injected a combination of malaria vaccine and a toxin. The protein first buries into the cells and thereafter into cancer cells, releasing the toxin and killing them off.

As of now the study has only been carried out in cells and on mice with cancer.

Details of the findings are published in the Cancer Cell journal.

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