Published On: Thu, Oct 19th, 2017

Cape Verde Volcano Set Off 800 Ft. Mega-Tsunami 73,000 Yrs Ago: Study

It is well known oceanic volcanoes pose major tsunami threat to coastal regions, but could it set off 800 feet waves is something of concern for scientists.

Scientists have uncovered evidence of a massive tsunami waves that took place some 73,000 years ago. Until now it is one of the largest such natural events in the geologic record. It was an epic splash.

The 800 feet wave is about two-third the height of Empire State Building or almost as high as the Eiffel Tower. The mega-tsunami occurred in the Cape Verde Islands off the coast of Africa. It is believed a large flank of volcanic island of Fogo then collapsed into the ocean making the waves travel about 30 miles to the island of Santiago.

Cape Verde Volcano Set Off 800 Ft. Mega-Tsunami 73,000 Yrs Ago- Study

Co-author of the study, Ricardo Ramalho, said the Azores, the Hawaii, the Canary Island and several other such young oceanic volcanoes are very steep and high too. These have the potentiality of collapsing.

Fogo is one of the most active and largest island volcanoes in the world.

Ramalho’s study has been published in the Science Advances journal describing about the mega-tsunami.

The researchers said it cannot be predicted the same may happen on Fogo, but as it has happened in the past, scientists need to be vigilant as such type of islands thrust upward dramatically from the seafloor.

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