Published On: Sat, Dec 28th, 2019

Career Choices for Introverts

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Being introverted doesn’t always mean that a person is anti social or anxious working with others. Sometimes in work, it is a preference for working through most projects alone, or a matter of finding productivity is up when working alone.

Solitary Work With on the Job Training

For those seeking work, it is not always practical to return to school when faced with a career change. There are several types of jobs that can be learned through on the job training, where workers can be paid as they learn the skills necessary for their new work.

For those who enjoy working with their hands, apprenticeships can be sought out for on the job training. Many of these jobs would be found as a member of a team, however, the actual work is mainly solitary. There are large variations in the level of comfort introverts might have in working with other people. Each individual must therefore consider for themselves how suitable the work would be for them.

The following jobs are an example of career choices that might be suitable for introverted personalities who enjoy hands on work:

painter and decorator
landscaper and designer
construction, plumbing, and home repair
farmer and farm labor
sailor or shipmate
mechanic – motorcycle, car, boat repair etc.
animal or dog trainer
kennel worker, dog boarder, dog walker
transport truck driver
housekeeping, maid services, and janitorial work
appliance repair
tree trimmer and pruner
home child care provider

While many hands on type of jobs are available through apprenticeships, there are a few career choices which can be learned on the job, or contain skills that can be transferable from other related work.

Career Choices for Introverts

school or transit bus driver
postal carrier
bookkeeping or secretarial work
payroll clerk

Career Options for Introverts Interested in Further Education

Though many apprenticeships can be found for those seeking hands on work, further schooling is often necessary to find work for introverts interested in book, computer, or office style work. For those with the time, interest, and resources to pursue post secondary education, the career choices encompass a wide variety of areas.

Some employment choices for those seeking post secondary education include:

tax preparer or accountant
forestry worker
fashion designer
medical, animal, or environmental scientist
zoologist or wildlife biologist
freelance writer, author, or song writer
architectural design technician – design and plan houses, buildings, and other structures
graphic designer or web site design
interior designer
park naturalist or conservation scientist
financial adviser
soil and water conservationist

Matching Introverted Personalities With Suitable Employment Opportunities

All people are created differently, and there is not a one size fits all approach to making career choices. Considering personal interests, comfort levels, and preferences in seeking employment opportunities can be of benefit in matching introverted people with suitable work that they can feel good about.

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