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Causes of Lower Back Pain and Back Exercises

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A University of Alberta medical study about working with weights shows encouraging results for chronic lower back pain sufferers.

Results of the weight exercise medical study were summarized in an (author unknown) article titled, “Exercise More, Not Less, To Ease Aching Back, Study Suggests.” The article was published on the ScienceDaily website, June 3, 2009. The study results were taken from materials furnished by the University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada. ScienceDaily is an internet science website.

The author of the University of Alberta study is Robert Kell, an assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology. He states, “…our findings show that working with weights four days a week provides the greatest amount of pain relief…”

Lower Back Pain Exercises

The ScienceDaily article states that 60 men and women participated in the weight exercise study. All participants suffered chronic lower back pain. The study lasted over a period of 16 weeks. The participants that exercised with weights four days a week had “…the level of pain decrease by 28%…” The participants exercising three days a week showed a 18% pain decrease. The participants exercising two days a week showed a 14% pain decrease.

Lower Back Pain Relief Methods

Some methods can be easily used to help ease back pain. The WebMD article advises that putting a pillow between the legs and laying on one side may help ease back pain. Other methods listed are:

Causes of Lower Back Pain and Back Exercises

Use a heating pad.
Take a warm shower every two to three hours.
Apply heat wraps.
Apply an ice pack.
Take over-the-counter pain drugs such as Tylenol.
Try to maintain normal daily activities.
Maintain a good posture.
Perform back stretching exercises.
Sleep on either side.
Sleep on a firm mattress.
Try to maintain a normal weight.
Do not lift heavy objects.
Make an appointment with a doctor.

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