Published On: Wed, Dec 4th, 2019

Centre to make harsher law to stop rapes and murder: Rajnath Singh

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh condemned the gang rape and murder of veterinary doctor in Hyderabad saying Centre will be making strictest law to stop such crimes.

Deputy Leader of the House added that all the lawmakers in the country and across party lines have demanded to give harsher punishment.

Rajnath Singh further said, “No act could be as inhuman as this incident which happened in Hyderabad.”

The minister continued saying that after the 2012 Nirbhaya incident a harsh law was made and it was thought such crimes would go down, but the gruesome acts are still taking place in the country.

However, it is yet to think whether death penalty, as demanded by protestors across India, would stop such gruesome rape and murder. Justice J.S. Verma Committee said in its report that capital punishment may not make women safer.

The committee was set up after the Jyoti Singh gang rape and murder. It added in the finding, “When laws are not implemented, there is a temptation to ask for more draconian laws that are implemented even less, because of the bad conscience this may give judges, while compromising the right to fair trial guaranteed under our constitution and overcriminalising consensual sexual relations at a time when sexual mores are undergoing a dramatic change.”

nirbhaya case

According to National Crime Records Bureau, in about 94 percent cases in 2016 the accused had been known to the victim. If there is a threat of death penalty, it is less likely the cases would be reported. There would pressure from families on victim to hide the matter.

In fear of death penalty the accused will henceforth make sure victim is dead. So this will increase murder.

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