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Cheap Caribbean Cruises – Packing for a Caribbean Cruise Holiday

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One thing that many travelers struggle with is what to wear on a cruise. Travelers who are considering a Caribbean cruise holiday need to know what to bring when packing a suitcase for a Caribbean cruise. Travel wardrobe is an important factor of a vacation, and not packing the necessities can essentially ruin the trip.

What to Wear on a Cruise – Caribbean Travel Wardrobe

Thoughts of the Caribbean often create visions of shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits. While those things are definitely a must for a travel wardrobe when visiting a warm climate, even cheap Caribbean cruises have formal nights where proper attire is a must. Long, flowing dresses aren’t absolutely necessary, but it is suggested that cruisers dress as though they were attending a fancy wedding. A cocktail dress is appropriate for women, and a blazer, shirt and tie with a pair of dress slacks are perfect for men. Those who would rather not dress up can take advantage of room service on formal nights.

Light-weight cotton clothing is recommended for the warm Caribbean climate. Also, as strange as it may seem, a light sweater can be useful for cold restaurants, stores and the breezy nights by the ocean. As far as footwear goes, a comfortable pair of sandals, a pair of dress shoes, and some tennis shoes are all that should be needed.

Travel Packing Tips

When packing for a Caribbean cruise, it is important to pack lightly. Many cruisers buy souvenirs at the various ports of call, so packing lightly leaves room for any trinkets that are picked up along the way. One way to pack lightly is to bring travel size toiletries, such as shampoo, soap and deodorant. However, travelers who burn easy shouldn’t skimp on the sunscreen.

Important documents should be carried in purses or wallets if possible. Flight information, cruise documents, passports and identifications are too important to be left in checked luggage or in a room on the cruise ship. Also, fancy jewelry makes a traveler an easy target for a robbery, so it should be left at home unless absolutely necessary.

Cheap Caribbean Cruises – Packing for a Caribbean Cruise Holiday

Packing a Suitcase

Toiletries should be packed in a Ziploc bag, so if they open up during the trip, they won’t completely ruin everything in the suitcase. Placing heavier items in the bottom of the suitcase makes it easier to sort through the suitcase later. Separate dirty clothes from the clean ones by putting them in a clean garbage bag.

If bringing an iron, consider rolling clothes to make more room. Place socks inside shoes so they are easier to find. Tape contact information inside every suitcase. Include the name, address and phone number, so if someone finds the luggage they can return it promptly.

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