Published On: Sat, Apr 25th, 2015

Children of Gurgaon celebrated World Book Day

To revive the joy of listening to a tale among children of today’s digital age, IPSAA Day Care organized ‘Book Speak’ –a day of literary adventure on the occasion of World Book Day. More than 200 children of different schools of Gurgaon participated in this unique initiative and celebrated this day. Children of Eco Lib foundation also participated in this and experienced the joy of storytelling.

The ‘Book Speak’ comprised of interactive storytelling sessions by the renowned story teller Ms Sonia Duggal presently working with Katha. The theme of the storytelling session was “Let our imagination soar and let’s get into the world of fantasies, stories and books”. It was an interactive storytelling session where children participated in the stories and enacted different characters. This was followed by a creative writing session where children were given postcards with topics on it and they were asked to write a story or a poem on it. And later they were asked to post the postcards back to IPSAA.

The main aim of this event was to revive and preserve the joy of listening to a tale, enraptured by a storyteller which has become incredibly rare today. There has always existed a strong link between storytelling and reading. After being read out stories in the primal years, children develop a natural curiosity to pick a book and read on their own to experience the many adventures that a book has to offer. It is crucial to children’s enjoyment in books and motivates them to read for themselves in the future. Inspires imagination and creativity allows children to experience diverse cultures.

Increases verbal proficiency and enhances listening skills. “World Book Day is aimed at raising the literacy levels in our country and the best place to start is with our young people. It is said that when you open a book, you are able to enter a whole new world. When we read to our children from a young age, we encourage them to become enthusiastic learners and confident readers, writers and speakers” said, Kanchan Mittal, founder IPSAA Day Care. The celebration ended on a high note and IPSAA Day Care gifted set of story books to all the children as a token of remembrance of the world book day.

Designated by UNESCO, The World Book Day is the biggest celebration of authors, illustrators, books and, most importantly, of reading observed in over 100 countries all over the world.

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