Published On: Sun, Oct 22nd, 2017

China Seeks More Security For Its Ambassador In Pakistan

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China is seeking more security for its ambassador in Islamabad, Pakistan, fearing threat to his life from a terrorist organization.

A request for stepping up security was made by Chinese Embassy to Pakistan’s Interior Ministry saying East Turkestan Islamic Movement’s (ETIM) member has sneaked into the country to assassinate the newly-appointed ambassador.

Yao Jing had earlier served as Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan. In Pakistan he has replaced Sun Weidong, who served for three years in the country and now has returned to China.

China Seeks More Security For Its Ambassador In Pakistan

Ping Ying Fi has shared details of the passport of the ETIM member with the Interior Ministry in his request letter and has demanded for immediate arrest of the person as well as handover to the Chinese Embassey.

The ETIM member has been identified as Abdul Wali.

The embassy as well as the Pakistani Interior Ministry meanwhile has declined to comment on the letter which has been circulated in the local media.

The ETIM operates in China, in the restie Muslim majority Xinjiang region, which borders Pakistan.

Pakistan usually faces major issue in providing good security to Chinese officials. The army is tasked to provide security to the Chinese people working on various projects in the country.

Security is also provided to the CPEC project that traverse through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and it will connect the Gwadar seaport of Pakistan with China’s Xinjiang through rail, road and pipeline network.

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