Published On: Sat, Jul 13th, 2019

China warns US firm from selling weapons to Taiwan

China announced Friday to be imposing sanctions on United States companies that supply tanks, missiles and related equipment worth $2.2 billion to Taiwan.

Earlier this week Pentagon said US State Department approved the sale of the weapons that includes 108 General Dynamics Corp M1A2T Abrams tanks as well as 250 Stinger missiles requested by Taiwan.

US firm Raytheon manufactures the 108 General Dynamics Corp M1A2T Abrams tanks and 250 Stinger missiles.

China has demanded to revoke of the deal amid the phase of a year-long trade war with the US.

Meanwhile, US said the new deal would not alter the basic military balance in the region.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the new deal is a serious violation of international law and also of basic norms that govern international relations.

He added that the sale violates the country’s one-China policy under which the US officially recognizes Beijing instead of Taipei.

China warns US firm from selling weapons to Taiwan

He further continued, “To safeguard our national interests, China will impose sanctions on the US enterprises involved in the above-mentioned arms sales to Taiwan.”

According to China, Taiwan is a wayward province and this is the reason no force has been used to bring it under Beijing control.

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