Published On: Tue, Feb 26th, 2013

Concert-Bangalore radio jockey Gurupriya Atreya

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The few weeks ago, the Bangalore radio jockey Gurupriya Atreya has play back singer for Tamil and other films and she was introduced by the mobile phone call.  Some of the social media like Facebook, twitter like to collaborate with other singer and some of them were recorded the song as well as the cut the video of the song. While she is singing the song of classical collection and rock came from Akhil Unnikrishnan and this song was short and it shot by the hand picker member from the Qyuki.  At the same time, the Atreya has the great platform in the Qyuki and   she was never imagined that she sing a song with Hidustani and rock classical collection.  The facilitating and the banking rolling has the creative thing which will be does by the Qyuki. In the year 2010 a film by the Shekhar Kapur and A.R. Rahman was a music director and he composed all the songs. The art and the architecture have brown University and giving the different degree course for the student.  The graduate will complete the course up to the PhD. Some of the famous buildings are protected by the government which will be so comfortable in the ever to relax in the historical building.  The Taj Mahal  is present in the  Agra that will be under the  control of the government like  more  temples,  building  is presenting in India  which will be so comfortable for the viewers and  give  a beautiful look of the  everyone.

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