Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2019

Congress encouraged infiltration: Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Thursday the Congress had encouraged infiltration in Assam for the purpose of getting more votes in its favor.

Adding further to a rally in Kendukona in Mangaldoi Lok Sabha constituency he said, “People of Assam and Northeast India had to fight to protect their identity and culture. Congress family and their courtiers in Guwahati, in order to be in power hatched conspiracy to create infiltratin vote bank.”

Modi said Congress had put on hold the issue of border demarcation with Bangladesh so that infiltration could be continued and due to this the people had to suffer.

He further said that Congress could have solved the problems of Assam as well as Jammu and Kashmir after 1971 war.

Modi continued saying that to protect the interest of Assam his party has taken concrete steps and one of those was the boundary agreement with Bangladesh to make fencing of border easy.

Modi to campaign for C P Radhakrishnan on April 8 in Coimbatore

He added that identifying infiltrators are in process and it is guaranteed that no genuine Indian citizen would be left out and no infiltrator will find name in the NRC list.

Modi said, “We are working to give Scheduled Tribe status to six communities. A bill was tabled in this Rajya Sabha for this by our government. However we will ensure that rights and privileges of existing ttibes will be protected. This is my promise.”

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