Published On: Sat, Jul 23rd, 2016

Corning Unveils Gorilla Glass 5; Four Times More Stronger

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Dropping smartphone may not be so much traumatic in near future. The latest iteration of Gorilla Glass has been unveiled by the New York-based manufacturer Corning.

Since 2007 the Gorilla Glass products are being used in smartphones and about 4.5 billion devices are already equipped with it so far.

With the new unveiling the manufacturer said the latest iteration is four times more stronger than the existing ones.

Corning Unveils Gorilla Glass 5; Four Times More Stronger

A global survey finds broken screens rank among the most frequent complaints and 85 percent of users have dropped their smartphone at least once in past one year.

In laboratory tests at Corning facility the so-called Gorilla Glass 5 remains intact after 5-feet height falls in most of the trials.

During the making of the latest iteration the Gorilla Glass is placed into a hot bath of molten salt and heats it up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit. This replaces the sodium ions with potassium ions on the glass and as the potassium ions are comparativley larger a layer of compressive stress is produced inside the glass to resist damage.

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