Published On: Fri, Jan 17th, 2020

Current Netflix Cartoon Series Adults Love to Watch

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We used to have the belief that animations are for cartoons. But in this new world of mass media content, they are no longer for kids. Rather adults have joined the kids’ world and with Netflix coming into play, they have made it quite easy to produce that kind of content.

However, some of the cartoons on Netflix are for adults and children must not watch them until they reach a certain age. Here are some of the Netflix cartoons adults would love to watch.


The moment Guillermo der Toro announced he was making an animated series for Netflix it was a real cause for enjoyment. The series TrollHunters lived up to all the expectation of entertainment.

The series managed to receive critical acclaim. This include nine Daytime Emmy nominations in 2017.

Carmen Sandiego

This animation has been around since 1985. According to, original version of it comes in original video game before it find its expansion into comic books, book series along with television shows.

However, the good news is that Netflix managed to acquire the rights for them to create their own original animated series.

One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man is an original and ongoing Japanese cartoon. The cartoon is about the most powerful superhero in the world who has happened to be bored with his opponents in the fight against evil.

Current Netflix Cartoon Series Adults Love to Watch

As the title of the cartoon indicate, fighting the opponents with one punch was not going to work on their favour. Rather, he and his friends went on a hunt for a worthy opponent.

The cartoon has become so popular in most television channels and finding its way to Netflix is no exception.

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