Published On: Sun, Oct 14th, 2018

Denim is This Fall’s Marketing Hook

Torn and tattered. Dark blue, light blue. Black, white, skinny, straight, flare or boot. Regardless of the style or the fit, everybody owns at least one pair of blue jeans. Clothing stores are enjoying or possibly creating a new love affair with denim and using all kinds of advertising to reach consumers.

Denim is This Fall's Marketing Hook

Denim Days

According to Blue Jeans History at, Jacob Davis was the first person to actually patent denim way back in 1873 with half of the patent assigned to Levi Strauss. Some other interesting historical fun facts about blue jeans and denim:

Jeans were actually called riveted pants in the beginning.

The long time popular 501® jeans were first assigned in 1890 to denim waist overalls.
Jeans for women officially appeared in 1935 and were featured in Vogue magazine that same year.
The baby boomers popularized the word jeans in 1960.

The first colors used for jeans were indigo blue and brown cotton.

Jeans have outlasted many other types of clothing throughout the years. Denim has always held a place in even the most upscale clothing stores, some more obscure than others.

This fall, blue denim has seemingly once again risen to the top of the advertising pile.

Denim Promotions

Marketers are pulling out all of the advertising stops using email, store displays, catalog covers, and catchy slogans. Just a few of the promotions being used this fall are:

“Your Denim Destination” by Coldwater Creek
“I love denim and it’s easy to shop for!” by Jones New York
“Denim Days of Fall” by Eddie Bauer

Department stores such as Sears, Macy’s and Dillard’s have large sections of the men’s, women’s, and teen departments showing off the latest styles in jeans.

Sales Numbers for Jeans

USA Today reported in July, 2009 that denim is a $13 billion industry and all of the major brands have seen strong sales this past year despite the recession. According to the report, jeans sales were up 17 percent last year.

Denim is a Good Marketing Hook

The desire for good, fashionable, reasonably priced blue jeans can be the driver to get people shopping in the clothing stores this fall.

Many of those buying blue jeans may also buy a top to match or new shoes, a belt, jewelry, or any one of the hundreds of other accessories.

The rise in blue jean sales is once again a lesson in consumer driven markets. Consumers are continuing to buy jeans, retailers have no choice but to provide jeans along with well focused marketing message – we got denim.

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