Published On: Tue, Mar 24th, 2015

DLF ‘speeds’ towards Road Repair Drive

In a smart, coordinated display of community strengthening programs, DLF Estate Developers Limited (DEDL), undertook the task of repairing all traffic ways, road ways, running through the span of Phases I to IV.
The pet project was officially inaugurated on 23rd of March, 2015 by Mr. Rohit Malik, Director, DEDL. Keeping in mind the density of traffic passing through the busy industrial suburbs housing commercial properties, offices, etc. the same was proposed to see completion in a week’s time. While a portion of repair work in certain areas was already underway, the remaining was taken up owing to positive feedback and imminent need for the welfare of residents in the many localities in, and around Phases I to IV.
The operation took off immediately, in anticipation of the erratic rain patterns witnessed in the previous weeks that led to water clogging exposing perilous potholes. The roads and pathways running through the entire length and breadth of the said areas have been posing problems for pedestrians and cars alike.
Apart from necessary upkeep due to normal wear and tear, DEDL responded to the follow-up done by DLF City – RWA, consequent to road renovation done in Phase II.
Also, present during the occasion was, Mr. Sudhir Kapoor, General Secretary, DLF City-RWA, who said, “We have set a target of a week to ten days during which the roads will be repaired, and any incumbent water or sewage troubles will be tackled accordingly. The residents stand to gain in terms of comfort, ease and road management which is long overdue. It is much needed preparation to manage the havoc caused by unpredictable monsoons.”
On the other hand, Mr. Malik said, “This is a concentrated effort to end the plight of commuters and residents alike to end the log jam of administration troubles when it comes to necessary road repair. Timely intervention can prevent many problems, and thus, such projects must be undertaken every year.”

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