Published On: Fri, Nov 11th, 2016

Dream Home: A Reality Check

Owning a ‘dream home’ is a dream that everybody wants to turn into reality. The realty market scenario is favourable these days and one must make an effort to realize their dream of a dream home. But, looking for that perfect place, to call your own, can be cumbersome. Thorough considerations need to be made, while purchasing one. The idea of a dream home is to find an abode that has a perfect blend of basic amenities and luxury. Parking space, Earth quake resistant design, world class amenities; greener surroundings etc can be some of the essential features which one may want in their dream house.


To make your dream home a reality get your realty requirements straight, that is, know your budget, location and objective, and accordingly chalk out the best of the developers. Make sure your decision is based on solid groundwork. Transparency is one thing that should not be compromised while buying a home; one must have the full proof knowledge about property tags, along with other credentials about the builder. The buyer must know if the housing project is backed by a bank as it makes the project dependable. The main emphasis should be on gauging the transparency of the project, as there are times when, the sample flat shown is completely different from the outcome, received by the customer, and the builder can easily get away with it, due to lack of solid proof.

“When buying a dream home one should be very careful, a slight mistake and it can turn out to be a nightmare. One should research about the developer, project and the prospects in a very diligent manner. Reliability of the developer is the most important aspect that one should stress on. You should always go for a project developed or being developed by a reliable builder. Other factors like quality of construction, location, infrastructural development in and around the area are other components to be considered for buying a dream home” said Rahul Singla, Director, MAPSKO Group.

“In today’s scenario when there are myriad ways to collect information about anything, it has become easier for people to inquire about a property before investing in enormous amount of money. One must know about the prevailing market conditions and have a foolproof knowledge about property prices along with other credentials related to the builder. Most importantly the buyer must know if the housing project is backed by a bank which makes the project pretty much dependable. However, there are other things that should be kept in mind like the resale value that depends on location and other amenities associated with the property and hidden costs which may not be disclosed while signing the papers. ”said Sumit Berry, Managing Director, BDI Group.

It’s always a good idea to listen to your agent, as his lead would be the best way to come out on top and make an informed decision. Your dream home can be yours only if you keep your eyes and ears open and do not make a compromise.

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