Published On: Fri, May 20th, 2016

ElegantJ BI is Silver Sponsor at Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit: Mumbai India June 7-8

May 20, 2016, Ahmedabad, India: ElegantJ BI is pleased to be a Silver Sponsor at the Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics and information Management Summit, which will be held on June 7-8, 2016 in Mumbai, India. The theme of the conference is Information & Analytics Leadership: Empowering People with Trusted Data.

ElegantJ BI, is a respected Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management solution provider with a suite of Business Intelligence and Performance Management tools. ElegantJ BI was listed as a representative vendor in the Gartner ‘Market Guide for Enterprise-Reporting-Based Platforms’, published in February 2016. ElegantJ BI has created a clear roadmap toward ‘Smart Data Discovery’ that promotes self-serve data preparation, smart visualization, and Plug n’ Play predictive analytics, to put the power of BI tools in the hands of business users to transform them into Citizen Data Scientists.


ElegantJ BI CEO, Kartik Patel says, “This Gartner Summit will provide crucial information and insight for every type of business, whether the enterprise wants to find out more about business intelligence and data analytics or consider an upgrade or change of an existing BI Tool.”

In this increasingly digital world, organizations that develop a robustly information-centric culture with the ability to recognize, manage and exploit their information assets will ultimately outpace the competition. To realize this potential, businesses must empower people to build the analytics they need to improve their line of business.

“We invite customers, stakeholders, and partners to join us at the Gartner Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit 2016,” says Patel. “Attendees will benefit from a practical, informative update on business analytics and a strategic view of Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management now and in the future.”

Summit attendees can see demonstrations of the ElegantJ BI solution at the Solution Showcase, and meet ElegantJ Bi product and solutions team members. Attendees can participate in Tutorials, Roundtables, Workshops and sessions on topics like Citizen Data Scientists, Analytical Demands, Self-Service Data Preparation and more!
“We look forward to welcoming our colleagues,” Patel said. “This Summit will provide exciting opportunities in an educational environment, and the ElegantJ BI team is pleased and proud to participate in this event.”

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