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Elephant Show and Elephant Trekking Experience in Thailand

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Just outside the town of Hua Hin lies the Adventure Park, a 12-acre site with a multitude of attractions for young and old. Among the most popular offerings are the Elephant Show, the Elephant Trek and the Crocodile and Cobra Show. Guides are on hand to help you decide what to do and no sales pressure is exerted to coerce the visitor to visit this or that site.

Location of Elephant Show and Elephant Trekking Experience

The location is superb. Set in a cool area in the foothills with a small lake in the foreground, the reception area is approached over a small wooden bridge that fords a stream filled with purple and cerise water lilies. This offers a quiet spot in which to peruse the list of activities, have a cool drink of young coconut, and take in the scenery.

Elephant Activities at Hua Hin Adventure Park

Each activity is priced individually and for those who do not like to see elephants being put through tricks like playing football, basketball, popping balloons with darts and riding bicycles, the show can be easily be omitted. The elephant show takes place 3 times daily. At 10.30. 13.00 and at 15.00 hours.

There are 28 elephants in all, the youngest not yet 4 months old, and between shows they are corralled around the area and visitors are encouraged to visit them. There are usually one or two young ones with their mothers, some still covered in the fine hair of babyhood and all can be approached, stroked, and fed with bananas (bought earlier from the shop for a modest sum of 40 Baht).

When to Make Elephant Treks

Elephant Show and Elephant Trekking Experience in Thailand

Elephant treks can be made at any time as there are approximately 18 elephants available for this purpose. It is not unusual to find oneself moving off in convoy if the trek is booked to take place after the show, as most people opt to go then. It is a comfortable ride, into the nearby hills and back through the lake, the elephants stopping occasionally to sample some branches from the trees.

Taking Care of the Elephants at Hua Hin Adventure Park

The animals are well looked after, living on a diet of their favourite greens, pineapples and bananas. A Vet calls weekly to check their health and administer injections when needed, and they are not overworked. None of them works a full week – mostly they have two days off when they just amble up in the hills, and their daily working hours are likewise restricted.

The Crocodile and Cobra Show

Dangerous reptiles hold a fascination for most people and the oohs and ahs of the crowd at this Show testify to the audiences attention. Particularly fascinating is the sight of the keeper pulling a crocodile out of the water with bare hands and then putting his head into the crocodile’s mouth.

Snake venom is extracted from the snakes and a fight between a King Cobra and the snake charmer can be seen.

People queue up to have their photographs taken with the snakes, the crocs and anything else that looks dangerous. The prices are reasonable for what you get. Photographing yourself with the elephants is encouraged and no money is asked for – a welcome change from some places that want money for everything and a professional photographer is on hand to take a special one, if needed.

Hua Hin Adventure World and Safari Park is well worth a visit.

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