Published On: Thu, Oct 8th, 2015

Embracing Technology in Business

Whether you see it as a boon to humankind or the impetus for our destruction, technology pervades every aspect of life. Many businesses—both large and small—use technology to give them an edge increasing their visibility and revenues. Smartphone apps, analytical tools, proprietary software, and even cloud technology are just a few facets of technology that a business might use every day to help them succeed.


Proprietary Software and Cloud Security

Many times, software that works for one company is not sufficient for another, so they need to develop their own software. Sometimes this is done because the current software does not do something that a business needs, while other times it is for security purposes.

Developing your own software provides you further security from hackers and industrial spies. It is hard enough to hack publicly available software. Proprietary software is normally kept in-house and thus harder to crack as it were. Now, that is not to say it is impenetrable so you might still consider third party companies to secure your data and software further.

More and more businesses are not storing data and other information on physical services within their business; they use cloud storage. Cloud storage reduces the cost of physical storage and strengthens the security of data. Trend Micro, a cloud security company, offers private cloud storage protected by layers of security reducing the risk of lost information while providing easy backup and restoration.


Smartphone Apps

Larger businesses with considerable technology budgets make use of apps to send information and even coupons to their clients and business. Many businesses are moving away from card-based customer reward programs and using mobile apps so customers can track their purchases and their rewards on their smartphone.

Moreover, this allows businesses even easier access to information about customer purchases and behaviors which enables the business to cater further to their customer-base by offering personalized deals.

On average, people spend nearly three hours a day on their mobile devices, and that is mostly on apps so having a mobile app is a must for any business that wants to increase their visibility. Apps also allow you to stand out from the competition and give you further credibility in a marketplace that is being driven by the ability to use technology more and more every day.

Analytical Tools

Businesses use analytical tools to determine how to take advantage of different scenarios. Companies use simple software like to tabulate simple data like who bought what, where they bought it, and when they bought it. Further, they could use this data to determine what the bought with it. Information gleaned using data mining software allows companies to tailor their store layouts and sales right down to individual customers.

To gather information businesses use simple spreadsheet software like Excel or Numbers, but that does not tell you much other than sales amount information. That is where more advanced statistical software comes in and gives you a complete picture of your individual clientele.

We are Surrounded by Technology

Whether you like it or not, technology is so entrenched in our lives and business that it is not going anywhere anytime soon and, to be honest, that is a good thing. Our ever-connected society has shrunk the global village to the point where you can purchase and communicate from and with anyone in the world. That is exciting; embrace technology and use it to give yourself and edge.

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