Published On: Wed, Jan 28th, 2015

Expect Apple Watch In April, Says Tim Cook

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The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, today announced that the shipping of Apple Watch will start from April 2015.

Apple exposed the new smart watch in last fall, but did not provide any details thereafter. Apple had a great first quarter results with a profit of $18 billion. This is the largest profit in the history of the company. Apple made the blockbuster profit backed by the iPhone sales and its greatest growth in the Chinese market.

Apple is trying to carry the success with the release of Apple Smartwatch. This will be a major product from the company since it made the debut of iPad in the year 2010.

Expect Apple Watch In April, Says Tim Cook

Cook said that the company has already made great progress in the development of this new product. He added that the responses they are receiving from the app maker and developers are encouraging them to make better products. He said that the developers are calling the apple watch as an incredible innovation.

During the revelation of the watch in last September apple referred the Smartwatch as their “most personal device produced ever”.  This is the first time Apple has made a public comment about the release of the product. Apple does not usually announce important news during the earning calls, but today was an exception.

Though many people consider April as early in a calendar year to bring out a new product, Cook said that when you are dividing the year into three parts of four months for product launches like: early, mid and late; April comes in the early part. So, according to him, the company will be launching the product exactly as they thought it should be.

Though Cook revealed the launch date he did not make any comments about the pricing details of the Apple watch. He just stated the starting price as $349 during the revelation made in last September.

According to available information, the Apple Watch can be expected in three versions: the regular model, a Sports version and an ultra-premium model. Tim Cook is already using this Smart Watch and he says he is just hooked to the product. He said that he uses it every day and he cannot imagine living without it.

The premium edition is expected to cost thousands and it will compete with the other luxury brands in the market.

We can expect to hear more about this watch from Apple in the next few weeks. The pricing and battery life will be the main concern for the consumers.

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