Published On: Tue, Nov 1st, 2016

Facebook Announces PC App Gaming Platform Called Gameroom

Facebook’s new venture is something that is never expected by most of us. It has made a big push into PG gaming following losing mobile gaming to Android and iOS.

The social giant launched today Gameroom Windows desktop gaming platform. It is currently in beta verrsion for all developers and has been made available as download on Windows 7 and up.

Users can play web on it, can port mobile as well as native Gameroom games without getting distracted of the News Feed.


The road may not be rosy for Facebook as Gameroom need to compete with Valve’s Steam platform that is equipped with more than 125 million active users and at any given moment millions of players could be found online.

The greatest job for the social giant now is to convince developers that its new platform will also share massive reach to its network and so it is worth the presence.

Gamers too need to be convinced a more social experience is waiting and there would be several benefits to owning a gaming destination.

The Gameroom can also earn a 30 percent revenue cut on payments in games and there would be deeper tie into the social network’s layer.

Earlier in 2009, during the heyday era of Facebook on desktop, the social giant had built a massive business on game payments and key players among the developers were companies like Zynga. However, the entire infrastructure crumbled when users started ditching PC games for mobile gaming. Now, Facebook looking ahead to win back once again the same with a PC app.

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