Published On: Tue, Jan 27th, 2015

Facebook Blocked For an Hour Due To Internal Fault

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The world’s largest social networking site Facebook and its photo-sharing site Instagram were inaccessible for an hour on Tuesday. The block was experienced around the world and later company took the blame for the outages and said that it was due to some internal fault and not due to any attack from outside.

The web and mobile users around the world experienced the trouble in accessing the site from around 06.00 GMT. At first, the site went slow and later the traffic to the site was blocked. Some other major sites on the internet were also down during the same period.

Facebook Blocked For an Hour Due To Internal Fault

Some of the sites which went down include: the online matchmaking site Tinder which is based in the US; Hipchat, a unit of Interactive Corp and the instant messaging service company from Australia called Atlassian.  However, the outage lasted for an hour and the sites were recovered soon.

There were some high-profile attacks on various important sites  by a hacker group claimed the responsibility of the outages caused to the sites today, but Facebook  has not accepted the claim and said that the fault was totally internal.

Facebook made it clear that the outage did not occur as a result of any third-party attack, but was caused as they introduced a change which affected the configuration system of the site. FB also said that both their services are back completely for all the users.

According to various reports, the users from the United States, Asian countries and Europe were unable to access the website of Facebook, Instagram and the respective mobile apps such as Facebook messenger during the outage.

At the time of the outage, the users were shown the message of apology, saying that something went wrong and they are working on it and the problem will get fixed as soon as they can.

Steve Santorelli, a former detective of London and now a researcher at Cymru, the U.S. threat intelligence firm supported Facebook by saying that when a service is run with the complexity to deliver media to the millions of users around the world, it is unavoidable that the things may not always go according to the plan.

According to Facebook official figures released in September last year, there are about 1.35 billion web more than 1.12 mobile phone users monthly.

The hacker group “lizard squad” on Tuesday posted messages on the Twitter saying that they were behind the attack that blocked many major websites such as Instagram and Facebook.

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