Published On: Fri, Jul 8th, 2016

Facebook Messenger Launches End-To-End Encryption Feature

Facebook Messenger too joins the race in offering end-to-end encryption after WhatsApp, iMessage and couple of more.

As of now the encryption will be made available to a limited group of users and under which the so-called “secret conversations” will only be visible to the sender and the reader.

Facebook has also set an expiration date feature in the end-to-end encryption to make the Messenger more secured if the device of a user gets lost or stolen. The messages sent will not be visible anytine again after the pre-set expiry date. It will automatically vanish from the devices of all users in the conversation.

Facebook Messenger Launches End-To-End Encryption Feature

Facebook said the feature will only be made available on Android and iOS apps and not on desktop Messenger app or in

Facebook’s vice president of messaging products David Marcus said the intention of the company is to help Messenger become everyone’s go-to app.

He said, “We wanted to make Messenger your primary messaging platform.”

About 1 billion people use Facebook Messenger and the new feature will keep them strongly secured on the chat platform.

The feature will not be made available by default like the Google’s chat app Allo. Users need to turn it on.

Share your own views whether the end-to-end encryption was really awaited and whether law enforcement would oppose the initiative of Facebook. Use the below given comment box.

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