Published On: Fri, Jun 3rd, 2016

Facebook To Force Users Chat On Messenger

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Facebook wants users to chat on its Messenger product rather than to do the same on its messaging window. Lately a notice is being served reading, “Your conversations are moving to Messenger.”

Currently the notice can be dismissed, but the warning will become an impenetrable wall this summer and the only option left then will be to download the official Messenger app.

This may be a matter of worry for many who use mobile site and have good reason not to download the app such as don’t have official clients on the phone, or unable to upgrade to the latest version of an OS.

Facebook To Force Users Chat On Messenger

The company may have a good excuse to make people do so that they want to provide the best possible experience in messaging to its users.

However, whatever be the reason, it is unfair to force website users to switch even if more people are using the app.

Share your own views whether it is right on part of Facebook or users should be at liberty to have more than one choice. Use the below given comment box.

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